Some doodles from some weeks ago.

Some more colourful work coming soon…

Some value sketches.

A submission for the Hella Collective’s first zine ‘Space Cult Myth Girls’.

Also an exercise in applying varying techniques learnt from Anthony Jones’ most excellent Gumroad videos.

A little one calls this place home, a safe haven above ground from the snakes that lurk in between the rocks and under the sands.

Practicing environments and trying to free myself up from repetitive workflows that have been causing my art to stagnate. More to come!

Something I spent some time working on last night. I’m not happy with it overall, I lapsed into a boring and frankly, disjointed composition. Expect some better stuff soon.

Lunchtime sketch from yesterday that I worked up some this morning.

Evening sketch for funsies.

Just a collection of sketches from the past few days.