Lunchtime sketch from yesterday, some quality work coming soon.

Sorry for the lack of updates, been real busy with some ongoing projects. Here’s a sketch and an ambiguous crop of a painting I’m working on. Later!

Some samurai sketches I did a few days back to test out some new brushes. Sorry about all the monochrome images, there’s more colour ones on the way soon! Promise.

My entry for the Y3 Illustration Grad book! I drew #12. So here are 12 Knights of the probably not so round table!

A preview of some of my work from a collaborative book project, more soon!

Lunchtime sketching from today.

Some quick 30 minute lunchtime sketches from the previous days.

Following the advice of a fantastic artist I worked on this with the aim of pushing the image further even when I thought it was completed.

The binding design to accompany my entry into the Folio Society competition.

The book is ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad.

(My URL isn’t actually on the design! It’s just there for this post, I’m not that arrogant. Promise!)


My entries for the Folio Society competition.

The designated book was ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad